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About Taco Ready
The Story of Taco Ready starts in the year 1955 when Manuel Rojo emigrated to California from Sonora, Mexico and settled in East Los Angeles. He married Enedina Rojo in 1961. Accustomed to working hard, he ran a small tortilla delivery route in the mornings and afternoons while he worked as a butcher for several markets in the East Los Angeles area. Enedina was busy at home, raising their children. In 1976 while Enedina was pregnant with their sixth child, Manuel had an opportunity to purchase a small corner market in the city of Rosemead. Using his knowledge of the butcher trade, and his experience as a tortilla jobber, combined with Enedina's special recipes they opened the first Taco Ready on June 17, 1976. This date also marked their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Manuel chose the name Taco Ready, because he wanted everyone to know that they could buy authentic tacos even if they were in a hurry or "on the run" while still getting quality food, in a clean environment. The two oldest children, Nora and Lourdes while in high school did their part to help things get off the ground.

Fortunately, business went well and within two years Manuel was able to open a second location in Baldwin Park, in June of 1978. By this time, two more children, Sergio and Bernardo were able to help. The business continued to grow and began to win awards from organizations and people like Elmer Dills who rated Taco Ready one of the best tacos in L. A. in 1982.

In September 1984 Manuel, Enedina, with the help of their children participating in the day to day operations opened their third location in the city of Covina. At this point Manuel and Benardo ran the Covina location while Nora and Sergio were busy with Baldwin Park, and Enedina, Lourdes and Carlos ran the Rosemead store.

In 1988 Taco Ready opened its fourth location in El Monte. Although the location was successful for many years, the Rojo's decided to sell the El Monte store in 1997.

The Baldwin Park location, which had been in business in its original location for 18 years, was in the middle of a city redevelopment project, and had to be relocated. Even though the restaurant had to be closed for a year, plans for a larger, new location were made. With support from the City of Baldwin Park and the local community, the Rojo's dreams were finally realized on July 4, 1997 when the new Baldwin Park location opened just across the street from the beautiful new Sierra Vista Shopping Center. In addition to being a wonderful new opportunity for the family, the day symbolized a realization of the long awaited return of Taco Ready in Baldwin Park. Since then, Taco Ready has been committed to support local community groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, and local little league, as well as involvement in the local area high schools. Taco Ready has always been a family business, and considers itself fortunate to be part of a family community such as the city of Baldwin Park.

Recently, Manuel and Enedina have decided to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and pass on the family business to their children. The family is dedicated to making the business grow utilizing the same belief as when Manuel and Enedina started, that is quality food in a clean environment when you are on the go. In hope of also they too can live the American dream that Manuel and Enedina made real for their children.


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